The adipocyte precursor cells - preadipocytes - are undifferentiated fibroblasts that can be stimulated to form adipocytes.

Adipocytes, or lipocytes or fat cells, are the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialised in storing energy as fat.

Isolated from adipose tissue of healthy donors undergoing elective surgery, preadipocytes are isolated by centrifugal force after collagenase treatment. Preadipocytes can be cultured as growing precursor cells or differentiated into adipocytes using medium supplemented with adipogenic and lipogenic hormones.











Obese individuals with a predominance of fat stored in the visceral/omental depot suffer greater metabolic consequences than similarly overweight individuals who store fat in the subcutaneous depot. There is a strong correlation between visceral adiposity and insulin resistance in both children and adults. Our cells, media, and associated reagents provide researchers with the tools necessary for studying obesity and type II diabetes. Our cells are of the highest quality and include patient information such as age, sex, height, weight, and disease status. tebu-bio also provides donor-matched sets of omental and subcutaneous cells.