Subcutaneous preadipocytes


Cells are isolated from a wide variety of patients with good representation of all levels of adiposity and age.

Cells are available from both male and female donors.
Pooled lots of cells are available from both male and female donors to provide large lots for screening and to reduce issues with patient-to-patient variability.

Preadipocytes are provided cryopreserved. Adipocytes in culture are available upon request. Adipocytes are differentiated in vitro from preadipocytes using patent protected differentiation methods from Zen-Bio. Cells are available in a variety of plate formats.


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All cells have passed rigorous quality control measures including performance in lipid accumulation, lipolysis, and adipokine secretion. Cells have tested negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLC-1, HTLV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and mycoplasma.