Patented differentiation procedure

Preadipocytes can be cultured as growing precursor cells or differentiated into adipocytes using medium supplemented with adipogenic and lipogenic hormones. Our instruction manual describes procedures to induce human preadipocytes to differentiate into mature adipocytes as well as culturing methods for human preadipocytes and adipocytes. The process of differentiating preadipocytes to adipocytes has been patent protected by Zen-Bio under US patent number 6153432.


Figure: Photographs of 100% confluent Preadipocytes (A), 1-week-old (post-differentiation) cultured adipocytes (B) and mature (2 weeks post-differentiation) cultured Adipocytes (C). These are unstained photographs of human preadipocyte morphology (20X). The cells should appear comparable in appearance to these pictures. The preadipocytes should be confluent 24-48 hours after plating for differentiation. If they are not 100% confluent, the cells will not differentiate well.